“Naturally Well’s Darren Renaud suggested I try myofascial release treatments to address a number of areas in my body which constantly experience chronic aches, pain and tightness  restricting  movement and interfering with sleep.  Darren explained the treatment which is a manual, hands-on technique, very different from traditional massage therapy. Slowly applying a gentle pressure to the skin, he unraveled the knots and got to the root of the problem softening restricted areas, releasing pressure and pain, restoring motion and improving function.  In my case, the sensation after a treatment is some mild stiffness which quickly dissipates. This is replaced with a long lasting openness in the problem areas. It’s wonderful to finally feel “nothing” in those nagging spots!

Darren is definitely a very gifted therapist with his instinctive understanding of the body, he can tune into what and where healing is needed, locating and uncovering restrictions. With the upmost professionalism and easy conversation, he encourages you to communicate what feels good, what doesn’t, helping you to tune into your body. He shares all sorts of tidbits on postural and movement awareness along with self-treatment instruction to enhance and maintain optimal overall health.

No need to accept that this pain is your reality for life, there is hope! I highly recommend the wonderful care and treatments that Darren provides which are very helpful in pain management and elimination.” DL

“Darren has an intuitive knowing about what it is you need when giving you a treatment.  I was experiencing some chronic back pain that Darren was able to help me with through some myofascial release and acupressure point therapy. I would highly recommend this to anyone to try!” JW

“I appreciate that Darren works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the therapy a relaxing experience. The benefits of his treatments extend into my day-to-day wellness because Darren also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots.” DW

“As a dental hygienist, I work in a forward sitting position for many hours of the day. This has resulted in a decrease of my range of motion in my shoulders and neck. I also found that my hips have gradually gotten tighter, and stiffen up after sitting in this posture for some time. After three sessions, I have found a very significant improvement in the upper body and neck and relief from the general hip discomfort.” AT

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